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Images below are linked to archived projects, if you want to browse the archive click here.
Where noted projects are made by members before the studio foundation but they are filed here because are still critical in the design research  path of the team.

Contemporarities 4 image

Reverso Vol. 6

The Man who stole Banksy – logo design

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The Planets Op.32

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Design for Pane Salame

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Ten Fucking lovely years – Circolo Magnolia

Contemporarities 3 image

Images for Detroit Milano

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Solar Village Festival 2018


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Bilancio Sociale 2011-2015

Primarie 2016 per Milano

Folp X GSM manifesta in support of Cinema Beltrade

Contemporarities 2 image

Amor Fou – 100 giorni da oggi

Wunder Market

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